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EverGreen is a Northeast Kingdom-based environmental consulting company with a branch location in Stowe, serving the entire State of Vermont and New England. Evergreen combines big business expertise with small-town solutions; providing consulting, testing, and training services for both home and business. EverGreen is women-owned business with a Certified Industrial Hygienist on staff, specializing in Lead Based Paint, Indoor Air Quality, and Industrial hygiene.

Our staff has over 25 years of lead-based paint expertise and is both EPA and Vermont licensed lead inspectors/ Risk Assessors, RRP(EPA) and RRPM (VT) training providers, and Vermont IRC and RRPM certified. Our clientele range from homeowners to contractors, to government agencies. We have the knowledge and skills to assist you with all of your lead needs.

EverGreen is also an OSHA-accredited training provider for General Industry as well as a HazWoper training provider with experience in all industries.

Our Team

Terese Churchill

Terese Churchill, MSc, CIH, in Environmental Health & Safety Management from Rochester Institute of Technology along with a Bs in Biochemistry from Ohio State University. Terese has over 20+ years in government and private industry: Vermont Public Health Chemist, Vermont OSHA, Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Husky Injection Molding, and Ethan Allen Case Goods.

In 2009, Terese made a pivot from working in the industrial corporate setting to entrepreneur by forming EverGreen Environmental to fill the need for Industrial and environmental consulting and compliance assistance in Vermont. She is a Certified Industrial Hygienist, Vermont Lead Risk Assessor, and VT Asbestos Inspector.

When Terese isn’t consulting, she can be found hiking in the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire, playing a number of musical instruments, or out traveling the country with her significant other and faithful dog Vega with their camper.


Michelle Lussier

Michelle Lussier, BS in Environmental Science from Northern Vermont University. Michelle began working with EverGreen as part of a college internship and accepted full-time employment upon graduation Prior to working at EverGreen, Michelle had spent over 6 years in the Veterinary medicine field gaining her valuable laboratory and client-based experience.

Michelle has over 10 years of experience as a EPA/ Vermont Lead Inspector and now holds certification as a Vermont Lead Risk Assessor. Michelle also holds certifications as a Mold Assessor in accordance with the NY Mold Law Article 32, Vermont IRC, EPA RRP Training provider, and State of Vermont Wetland Delineation.

Outside of Evergreen, Michelle enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors with her 3-year-old son and longtime boyfriend, running, and expressing herself creatively through floral design.

Brittany Tarbox

Brittany Tarbox, BS in Environmental Science from Sterling College. Brittany is just entering the field of environmental consulting but already holds certifications for Vermont IRC and RRPM as well as EPA RRP certified. Brittany has provided support for lead inspections both onsite and in the office. Brittany is also our go-to housing safety inspector.

Outside of her work with EverGreen, Brittany spends her time with her fiancé and their 3 children working on their homestead and small farm. She can be found working in the gardens, operating tractors, and caring for animals.


Thomas Bishop

Thomas Bishop, BS in Science and Geology from Dartmouth College. Tom has 25+ years of experience in industrial engineering. Tom is a Vermont Lead Inspector and provides support for your housing safety inspections and indoor air quality investigations.

Thomas can also be found applying his engineering skills through volunteer work with a local non-profit maker space, working in the garden, and playing several musical instruments.

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