Mold Inspection

Although mold occurs naturally and is found virtually everywhere, it may not always be visible, and it can affect everyone differently. For a mold-sensitive individual may experience symptoms ranging from noticing a funny smell to flu-like symptoms, to serious respiratory distress. The extent of a mold issue may not be clearly visible and require an in-depth, the types of mold present. Evergreen utilizes a combination of visual inspection and investigation of the property to identify sources of moisture infiltration or accumulation, and laboratory analysis to determine the extent of mold spore dispersion, and mold species presence to be able to create a remediation plan that is specific to your property and concerns.

EverGreen is not affiliated with any mold remediation contractor or laboratory. This eliminates the potential for conflict of interest and ensures an objective inspection. EverGreen only utilizes laboratories accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association for environmental microbiology.

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