Asbestos Inspections

Asbestos, a naturally occurring versatile material, was widely used in the production of building materials starting in the mid-1900s. Asbestos fibers are naturally heat resistant, fire retardant, and strong. Because of this, asbestos was used in glues, insulation, and wall boards in a large number of the nation’s schools, public buildings, and homes. Asbestos fibers are easily inhaled if materials that contain asbestos are deteriorated. Once inhaled, these fibers enter the lungs and cause a disease called Asbestosis and form cancer called Mesothelioma.

Because of the health risks, the US Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] requires pre-demolition and pre-renovation materials tested for asbestos in schools, public, and commercial buildings. The State of Vermont also requires this testing in residential properties. These inspections are important to ensure employee safety when performing renovations but also to guide how any asbestos-containing materials [ACM] are disposed of.

No matter the size of your project, EverGreen’s EPA and Vermont accredited Asbestos Inspectors will develop a sampling plan to ensure you and your employees are protected and comply with all State and Federal Asbestos regulations. Each project is unique and sampling plans vary based on project size and materials found in the building. EverGreen uses a third-party State of Vermont Licensed Laboratory for analysis.

EverGreen is not affiliated with any asbestos abatement contractor or laboratory. This ensures no conflict of interest and only an objective inspection. If asbestos is found, Evergreen will provide recommendations for surface maintenance or removal process that complies with all State and Federal regulations.

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