EPA RRP – Vermont Lead Renovator

Vermont RRPM Lead Renovator

Initial 8-hour class

Do you plan to work on a residential building built before 1978, or own rental property or a daycare? This course satisfies the training requirements for the new Vermont Renovation, Repair, Painting and Maintenance [RRPM] Rule. Completion of the training is required to attain the Vermont RRPM Supervisor licensure as well as the EPA RRP Lead Renovator Certification.

This class will:

  • Identify the hazards of lead-based paint
  • Outline both the EPA RRP rule requirements and the new Vermont Lead Paint Program requirements;
  • Provide information on education of lead hazards to occupants and building owners and set up area barriers
  • Provide hands-on experience for working lead safe, to include containments, PPE, lead safe work practices
  • Detail the requirements for cleaning and clearing the area after the job is done
  • Identify and fill out the paperwork required for each job, and explain what records need to be kept for each job
  • Show what is needed to train non-certified or non- licensed workers to work lead safe.


The United Church
63 Third Street, Newport, VT

35 Marble Steet, West Rutland, VT

Jericho Community Center
329 Brown’s Trace Road, Jericho, VT

The Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce
963 Paine Turnpike N., Berlin, VT

111 South St.
Suite 203, Bennington, VT

Robert Miller Community & Recreation Center
130 Gosse Court, Burlington, VT

Date Location Time Cost  
September 19, 2023
Bennington 8:00– 4:30 $225 Register
September 26, 2023
Jericho 8:00– 4:30 $225 Register
October 25, 2023
Berlin 8:00– 4:30 $225 Register
October 30, 2023
Jericho 8:00– 4:30 $225 Register
November 9, 2023
Burlington 8:00– 4:30 $225 Register

Vermont Lead-Safe Renovator Classes

On October 1, 2022, the State of Vermont received the authority to administer the Federal EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Program. The Federal RRP program sets the RRP training requirements for contractors who work on housing and child-occupied buildings built before 1978 due to the likelihood that the buildings contain LEAD-BASED PAINT. The RRP training includes these topics: notification to occupants and owners of lead work and hazards, lead-safe work practices, cleaning, and recordkeeping. To perform RRP work in Vermont, you now need both the Vermont Lead-Safe Renovation, Repair, Painting, and Maintenance (RRPM) firm, and supervisor licenses. To receive the RRPM supervisor license, you need to take this Federal RRP training. Learn more about these licensing requirements here: www.healthvermont.gov/RRPM.

Please note: The Vermont RRPM program also requires RRPM supervisor applicants to take the Vermont Lead Poisoning Prevention, Inspection, Repair, and Cleaning ((RC) Practices training in addition to this RRP training. The Vermont IRC Practices used to be called Essential Maintenance Practices (EMPs). The IRC Practices are a set of inspection and cleaning activities required in rental housing properties and daycares to make sure that lead paint will not become a health hazard for occupants. Even if you do not plan to work in rental properties and child cares, you still need this online training to receive the Vermont Lead-Safe RRPM supervisor license. The IRC Practices training is offered online in a self-paced format and takes a couple of hours to complete. Learn more about this training by clicking here.

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